Please find below a breakdown of the prices for our services.

Editing Service Prices

Editing Services (price p/word in USD)BasicStandardPremium
Regular (7-day) 0.07 USD 0.11 USD 0.18 USD
Express (4-day) 0.08 USD 0.15 USD 0.20 USD
Super Express (2-day) 0.09 USD 0.18 USD Not available
Add-On ServicesStandard
Journal Selection Service 120.00 USD p/manuscript
Pre-Peer Review 250.00 USD p/manuscript


6000+ words 20% discount
15,000+ words Negotiable discounts available on request

Revisions Policy

No matter how much work our editors do, the majority of manuscripts will require further revision, whether it is addressing the issues that we raise or the concerns of the reviewers. We believe in supporting our authors through the publication process, so we offer the following flexible options, depending on the level of editing initially selected:

Writing Service Prices

Cover Letter WritingRegular (7-day)Express (4-day)Super Express (2-day)
USD 70.00 USD 100.00 USD 125.00 USD
Regular (7-day)USD
1-5 Responses 300.00 USD
6-10 Responses 500.00 USD
10+ Responses 800.00 USD
Express (4-day) -
1-5 Responses 450.00 USD
6-10 Responses 750.00 USD
10+ Responses 1,200.00 USD