Plagiarism Check (iThenticate)

To get your paper published successfully, the text will need to pass the journal's requirements and not include an excessive amount of similarity with previously published  works.

Our Plagiarism Check service scans your manuscript to find the replication rate and evaluate the overlap with already published manuscripts. Powered by iThenticate, you can use the same software employed by most journals and see the results before you submit the work for publication, thus allowing you to address the findings before they negatively impact on your submission, saving valuable time in the publishing process.

  • iThenticate report provided by Bioedit at exclusively low rate
  • An additional feedback report by Bioedit experts explaining the results in context and providing advice
  • Fast, 2-day return time


Cost: $80 per manuscript


If your manuscript subsequently requires extensive editing to address the repetition in your text, you can also benefit from a special 20% discount on the cost of our Premium editing service, which is aimed at extensive editing for papers needing extra attention.  

Simply use the below link to email your manuscript to Bioedit, and improve your chances of publication!

Find out how iThenticate works in the below video: