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What do the Teaching Programmes include?

Effective communication is essential if you are going to become a successful scientist and attract funding for your research. Thus, writing up your work in a clear and concise manner so that it can be readily understood, even by non-specialists in your area of research, is a vital part of your scientific career. International teaching programmes offered by Bioedit focus on what young scientists - especially those who find expressing themselves in the English language difficult - can do to make the publishing process easier.

Our experts, drawing from years of experience in writing and publishing successful research articles, as well as in editing the work of non-native English speakers, will visit your institute to offer guidance on what your authors can do to improve their written work.

Students will be taught how to write not only papers, but also commentaries, reports, cover letters, and replies to reviewers, and how to avoid the frequent pitfalls that result in the rejection of papers by journals. The role of each section in the paper (Title, Abstract, Introduction, Results, Discussion, and Figure Legends) and the best way to order your ideas within each section will be addressed.

From day-long masterclasses to two-hour seminars, our teaching programmes are tailor made to meet your institute's specific needs. Taught lectures, group discussions and practical workshops offer different methods to helping students engage with examples of badly-written text before providing them with first-hand experience on how to write their own papers in a clear and concise manner.

ACLS International Summer School 2012 Date: 9/3 (Mon) - 9/5 (Wed) Place: Shonan Village Center, Kanagawa, Japan

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