Free Abstract Trial

What does the Free Abstract Trial service include?

See the improvements that our English editing service can make to your work by submitting your abstract for a free editing trial today. New customers can create an account and securely upload their abstract text, and Bioedit will provide a free round of editing so that you can see the benefits of having your paper checked by our expert, PhD-qualified science editors. Our Standard service editing offers not only checks for spelling and grammar, but also editing for the logical flow of ideas and readability in the text. Finally, we will check that your abstract is correctly structured for the journal you are submitting to.

Additionally, authors using our free trial who then decide to submit their full paper for editing will receive a 10% discount on the cost of their order.

An example of an original and edited abstract

Maximum 400 words. One free trial per customer, and new customers only. Free trial abstracts will be checked by our Standard service and returned within 7 days.