Pre-Peer Review Service

This service is designed to provide authors with a thorough critical review of their manuscript that provides structured feedback on potential areas of ambiguity and suggested improvements. This enables an author to address these issues before submitting the paper to a journal and thus increases the likelihood of acceptance. The paper will undergo detailed review by a PhD/MD editor who has worked as a researcher in the field, has current understanding of the field, and has published a minimum of xx papers in the field. The reviewer will produce a manuscript report, and will consider the quality of the research and presentation based on the following criteria:


The reviewer will check that the structure of the manuscript is appropriate and conforms with the journal requirements. They will then perform a detailed review of each section of the paper, ensuring that all required information is included and presented clearly.


The reviewer will comment on sections that are unclear or where further detail is required for the benefit of the reader; for example, where a more detailed discussion of the literature would be valuable to frame the discussion. They will also comment on the presentation and description of the data, and suggest alternative presentation methods if appropriate.


The reviewer will suggest where text should be added or amended to strengthen the impact of the paper.


The reviewer will examine the data and highlight any discrepancies between data presented in different sections of the manuscript. They will also highlight where statistical testing data is either unclearly presented or omitted.

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