Security & Confidentiality

We Realise the Importance of Security

Bioedit places a great deal of emphasis on security and confidentiality. This is why all communication beyond the login page is SSL encrypted by RapidSSL; making it practically impossible for anyone to access the contents of your work once it has left your desktop. We also impose on our editors strict guidelines with respect to confidentiality. All our editors must sign a confidentiality agreement in which it is clearly forbidden to use any of the work in other publications or research work, or to divulge the contents to third parties. We believe that these precautions will reduce to nil the risks of data pilfering and plagiarism during editing, or during data unloading or downloading. Additionally, your name, personal details, or publications will never be divulged to third parties or used for on-line content - a regrettable feature of other English editing websites - without your written consent.

Confidentiality Agreement