Molecular Biology

Dr. Penny Man

Main Areas of Expertise Neuroendocrinology, Molecular biology, Cell biology, Gene expression Secondary Areas of Expertise Circadian rhythms, Inflammation, Energy balance, Transgenesis, In vivo techniques, In vitro techniques. Biography Prior to Dr Man's doctoral work, she was employed in the biotech industry trouble-shooting drug development assays for quality control. Dr. Man's doctoral and subsequent post-doctoral work focused on the generation of transgenic models for the study of neuroendocrine function. In this time, she developed her interest in circadian rhythms further, and acquired technical expertise in a number of in vivo and in vitro techniques and methods associated with transgenesis and gene expression studies. As a postdoctoral scientist in the Neurosystems group at the University of Manchester, she has examined the role of inflammation and specific brain cell-types in the effects of galanin-like peptide on energy balance, using transgenic models. Qualifications PhD Neuroscience, Cardiff University BSc Physiology/Pharmacology, Cardiff University Current Activity Freelance scientific editor