Molecular Biology

Dr. Pamela Thompson

Main Areas of Expertise Genetics; Genomic and Computational biology; Immunogenetics (human MHC/HLA genes) Secondary Areas of Expertise Haematological oncology Biography Dr Thompson is a Principal Investigator and researcher at the University of Manchester, where she has undertaken genetic and molecular biological research into inherited disorders and complex disease. This has involved characterisation of the genes involved in Williams-Beuren Syndrome using both in vitro biochemical assays and in vivo analysis of cell lines and tissue extracts, and examination of basic molecular systems mediating vascular responses to hormones and growth factors in health and disease. In addition, she has investigated genetic associations with childhood leukaemia including by Next Generation sequencing and haplotype analyses focused on the Major Histocompatibility Complex on human chromosome 6. She has authored numerous journal papers, including in Science, Genomics, Genome Research, Human Immunology, British Journal of Haematology, Leukemia and FEBS Letters, and successful grant applications in the field of medical genetics, and is an experienced freelance editor, mainly working with clients whose first language is not English. Qualifications PhD (DPhil) '˜Molecular Genetics of Mouse Models for Menkes Disease'™, The University of Oxford BSc BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences, Lancaster University Current Activity Principal Investigator and Researcher in the Institute of Cancer Sciences, The University of Manchester