Cell Biology

Dr. Michael Rolph

Dr. Michael Rolph has a PhD in molecular virology and immunology from the Australian National University, which is regarded as Australia’s leading research university. He undertook postdoctoral training at the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, studying vaccine development and the immune response to bacterial infection. During this time he was much in demand among his German colleagues for his scientific English writing and editing skills. After a short sabbatical at the Karolinska Institute (Stockholm), he returned to Australia in 2000, where he continued his research career working on the discovery of novel genes controlling inflammatory and metabolic diseases. Dr. Rolph has extensive experience in preparing and editing scientific papers, and has published his work in leading journals such as Nature, JCI, PNAS and Nature Immunology. He is also an experienced grant writer and thesis editor. Dr. Rolph has supervised numerous PhD students and postdocs from non-English speaking backgrounds and is highly experienced in taking early-stage manuscripts and converting them into polished works. In addition to his active research career, Dr. Rolph is also a freelance editor, and has edited numerous manuscripts for Bioedit across a number of biomedical disciplines. Areas of expertise: Immunology, experimental medicine, microbiology, metabolic disease, signal transduction.