Cell Biology

Dr. Kelly Jackson

Main Areas of Expertise Molecular biology; Cell biology; Gene expression Secondary Areas of Expertise Molecular nutrition; Technical reports Biography Dr. Kelly Jackson has a diverse background with experience in multiple fields of research, gained through employment in academic, government, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries in the UK and Canada. Prior to her doctoral work, Dr. Jackson was employed as a research scientist in the pharmaceutical industry, where she was responsible for development of cell-based pilot binding and functional assays. Her doctorate focused on understanding the control of cellular zinc homeostasis, including identification of novel mechanisms of mammalian zinc transporter gene regulation. After completing her Ph.D., Dr. Jackson undertook a short visiting fellowship position at the Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau of Health Canada, during which she explored the regulation of microRNA expression in mice following acute toxicant exposure. She then spent 3 years working as a Research Scientist and Lab Manager for a start-up biotech company in Canada, where she played a key role in the development, verification and validation of regulatory-approved molecular diagnostic products. Qualifications PhD Cellular and Molecular Biology, Newcastle University, UK BSc Physiological Sciences, Newcastle University, UK Current Activity Freelance biology consultant and scientific editor