Medical Reports

Dr. Jennifer Stephenson

Main Areas of Expertise Neurosciences; Medical reports; Psychology; Human physiology Secondary Areas of Expertise Neurophysiology; Neuromuscular system; Sensorimotor system; Motor control; Balance; Gait; Movement analyses; Electromyography; Single neuron and motor unit recordings; Transcranial magnetic stimulation; Galvanic vestibular stimulation Biography Dr. Jennifer Stephenson has a PhD in Clinical Science and specialises in neurophysiology of the sensory and motor systems. She is particularly interested in the control of movement at spinal and supra-spinal levels. Dr. Stephenson undertook postdoctoral training at the world-renowned Institute of Neurology at University College London, England. She has extensive experience working with healthy and clinical populations, including stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease and chronic pain. Throughout her career, Dr. Stephenson has focused on translational research, collaborating with basic scientists and clinicians to produce high-quality scientific work that is pertinent to real-life clinical problems. Qualification PhD 'The Cortical and Spinal Mechanisms Underlying the Motor Response to Acute Exposure to Psychosocial Stress', Clinical Sciences, University of Colorado, Denver MSc Rehabilitation Science, McGill University, Montreal BSc Sport and Exercise Science, University of Bath, UK Current Activity Scientific editor