Chromatin & DNA Replication

Dr. Jennifer Lockhart

Main Areas of Expertise Plant biology; Developmental biology; Chromatin and DNA repair Secondary Areas of Expertise Plant molecular biology; Plant Genetics Biography Jennifer started her scientific career at the age of 17, when she worked in a laboratory that used NMR spectroscopy to study calcium ATPase. After earning a BA degree in Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, she pursued a PhD in Botany at the University of Maryland. She studied the developmental genetics of in vitro carrot embryogenesis and taught courses in general botany and plant physiology. She also gained an in-depth understanding of both plant and animal developmental biology and genetics. She then completed postdoctoral studies on the role of abscisic acid in Arabidopsis and rice at the University of North Carolina and the genetic transformation of peanut at North Carolina State University. She went on to develop transformation systems for many different types of plants at several large agricultural biotechnology companies and a start-up. She has been working as a science editor since 2010. Qualification PhD Botany, University of Maryland BA Biology, University of Pennsylvania Science editor, The Plant Cell Current Activity Science Editor at The Plant Cell Freelance editor (2010 to current)