Chromatin & DNA Replication

Dr. Matthew Gentry

Main Areas of Expertise Plant Biology, Epigenetics, Chromatin, DNA Methylation, Gene Expression. Secondary Areas of Expertise Plant Development, Polycomb Group Proteins, non-B DNA Structure, Transcriptomics, RNA interference, Abiotic Stress Tolerance Biography Matthew Gentry holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Centre for Plant Sciences, University of Leeds. He has worked extensively with epigenetic mechanisms and chromatin remodelling as well as developing new techniques for identifying non-B DNA structures in vitro. His post-doctoral research at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences focussed on chromatin remodelling and gene regulation in plant development via the PolyComb Group proteins. He has worked as an English language proofreader in academia for several years and is certified by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. Currently, he works as a life sciences technical writer and editor. Qualifications PhD Molecular biology, University of Leeds MSc Biosciences, University of Leeds BSc Biology, University of Leeds Reviewer PLoS Genetics, Development, Plant Cell, Plant Molecular Biology. Science for Environment Policy (European Commission). Current Activity Life sciences technical writer, GE Healthcare Horizon 2020 grant writer, Alien Transfer Technology