Cancer Research

Dr. Elizabeth Pearsall

Main Areas of Expertise Ophthalmology, Diabetes, Metabolism, Mitochondrial biology, Cancer biology, Neuroscience, Angiogenesis Secondary Areas of Expertise Microbiology, Ecology, Limnology, Lipid biology, Immunology Biography I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, and work as a freelance editor as well. I have edited approximately 200 manuscripts professionally, and also edit all forms of scientific writing for my ESL colleagues. I have found that I enjoy helping others succeed in all endeavours of scientific writing. I currently serve as an adhoc reviewer for three journals, which has given me insight into the review process. Finally, I successfully procured predoctoral and postdoctoral fellowship funding, and am able to edit grant applications as well. Qualifications PhD Cell Biology, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center BSc Microbiology, University of Oklahoma Current Activity Postdoctoral fellow in ophthalmology