Animal Science & Behavior

Dr. James Marchand

Main Areas of Expertise Inflammatory Diseases, Cell Biology, Animal Behaviour, Neurodegeneration, and Anatomical Sciences Secondary Areas of Expertise Gene Expression, Neuropharmacology, Stem Cell Biology, Pharmacology of Pain, Molecular Biology, Image Analysis, and Neurophysiology, Biography Dr Marchand's career has broadly focused on neuroscience research, with an emphasis on inflammatory diseases. Through these researches, Dr Marchand has developed wide expertise in a variety of fields, including gene cloning and expression, protein/RNA expression, peptide chemistry, quantitative imaging, and nervous system development. Areas of specific research include nerve injury-associated pain and inflammation, pharmacology of neuropeptide expression, chronic bladder inflammation, effects of inflammation on brain development, gene profiling of stem cells, and the role of olfactory pathways in the aetiology of Alzheimer's disease. Dr Marchand is currently at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, holding an adjunct faculty appointment teaching graduate neuroscience. Ongoing research efforts at Northeastern involve a study of the effects of air pollution on brain degeneration in Alzheimer's disease. As a collaborative study at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Dr Marchand examines the role of prenatal inflammation on the development of behavioural abnormalities. Qualifications PhD Neurobiology and Anatomy, University Texas, Houston, Texas BSc Biology, Psychology, Rice University, Houston, Texas Reviewer Journals of: Anesthesia and Analgesia Current Activity Currently, Dr Marchand teaches Neuroscience at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts and is involved in collaborative research at Northeastern and at the University of Michigan.