Diabetes & Glucose Homeostatis

Dr. Clement Weinberger

Main Areas of Expertise Cell biology; Signal transduction; Medical reports Secondary Areas of Expertise Infectious diseases; Public health; Vaccines; Clinical case studies Biography Dr. Clement Weinberger has been a medical and biological science writer and editor for nearly 20 years and holds a PhD. in Cell Biology from New York University. His thesis research was on cell communication during development of spatial patterns in early animal development. He has additional experience in multiple fields of research, has worked in academia, in medical education and communication companies, and the pharmaceutical industry. He did post-doctoral basic research in developmental physiology at Hubrecht Laboratorium in Utrecht, Netherlands, and medical research in the biology of childhood neurectodermal tumors at Memorial Hospital Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York. He recently retired as Director of Communications in the Medical Affairs Department of Sanofi Pasteur, a major international biopharmaceutical company, and is now an independent writer/editor. Qualifications PhD Cell Biology, New York University, NY, USA MS Cell Biology, New York University, NY, USA BSc Biology, Fairleigh Dickinson University, NJ, USA Current Activity Full-time English editor