Animal Science & Behavior

Dr. Nia Cason

Main Areas of Expertise Neuroscience, psychology, cognitive neuroscience Secondary Areas of Expertise Neurolinguistics, neurosurgery, animal studies Biography Dr Nia Cason is a freelance editor and researcher specialised in neuroscience, psychology and cognitive neuroscience, with particular expertise in auditory neuroscience and cognitive dysfunction. Her PhD (Aix-Marseille University III) was concerned with the cognitive neuroscience of music and language, for which she worked with hearing-impaired individuals and conducted EEG experiments, and her post-doc experience includes research into non-pharmacological interventions for dementia (Lille University III). Her MSc dissertation was concerned with native language and non-speech rhythms in the brain, and her BSc dissertation was concerned with light deprivation and doublecortin in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. She has 5 years of professional editing experience with publishers such as developmental editing for Macmillan Scientific Publishing and second-language editing for Cactus Communications. Qualifications PhD The effect of musical rhythm on language perception and production, Aix-Marseille university MSc Music Mind and Brain, University of London BSc Neuroscience, Cardiff University