Ecology, Wildlife & Forestry

Dr. David Hughes

Main Areas of Expertise Marine biology, with particular expertise in benthic ecology. Research experience in a wide range of marine environments including temperate coastal ecosystems, tropical coral reefs and the deep sea. Secondary Areas of Expertise All aspects of marine biology, and in zoology and palaeontology in general. Qualifications PhD Experimental study of life-history variation in marine bryozoans. University of Wales (1987) BSc (Hons.) Zoology. University of Reading (1982) Joint editor of Oceanography and Marine Biology: an Annual Review and editorial team member for Nature Scientific Reports. I am also a regular manuscript referee for major journals including Deep-Sea Research, Marine Ecology Progress Series and Journal of the Marine Biological Association of the UK. Biography After graduating in Zoology my Ph.D research at Bangor University addressed the genetic and environmental components of reproductive investment in shallow-water bryozoans. I then held a postdoctoral fellowship at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama, studying the ecology of bryozoans on Caribbean coral reefs. Since 1990 I have worked at the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Oban. Initial work on bioturbation in sea loch sediments later expanded to other aspects of sea loch ecology and to community ecology in the deep sea. I am an experienced scientific diver and sea-going researcher, and have participated in research cruises to the deep NE Atlantic, Arctic and tropical Pacific. My job at SAMS has also involved consultancy work for a wide range of commercial and governmental organisations. Since 2001 I have also been a lecturer at undergraduate and Masters degree level. Current Activity Principal Investigator in Benthic Ecology, with current research interests in the deep-sea ecosystem of the Rockall Trough area, the impacts of deep-sea mine tailings disposal, and the ecology of reef-building tubeworms in Scottish sea lochs. I am also a lecturer on the University of the Highlands and Islands BSc. Marine Science degree course, leading modules in Marine Zoology and Marine Resources.