Cancer Research

Dr. Corina Marx

Main Areas of Expertise Cancer research; Cell biology; Medical reports Secondary Areas of Expertise Plant biology; Signal transduction; Ubiquitination Biography Dr. Corina Marx obtained her PhD in the Plant and Microbial Biology department of the University of California at Berkeley studying the role of proteases in the regulation of seed dormancy. Dr. Marx shifted her focus to biomedical sciences to pursue a specialisation in cancer research during her postdoctoral fellowship. She worked for 6 years at the department of Cancer and Developmental Therapeutics of the Buck Institute for Age Research, where she participated in several projects, mainly investigating the molecular basis for the resistance or sensitivity of breast cancer cell lines to small molecule inhibitors. While trying to understand the mechanism of action of a proteasome inhibitor, Dr. Marx became interested in the role of ubiquitin in the regulation of various cellular processes, which became the focus of her research and the main topic of her latest publications. Qualifications PhD University of California, Berkeley BSc University of California, Berkeley Current Activity Freelance editor and writer