Cancer Research

Dr. Kenneth McCreath

Main Areas of Expertise Cancer research and molecular metabolism Secondary Areas of Expertise Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Biography Dr Kenneth McCreath received a University education in Scotland and has worked as a research scientist in various institutions for 20 years, including post-doctoral stays at MIT (Cambridge, MA) and Aberdeen University (Scotland, UK), where he worked on fungal cell-wall remodelling. In 1993, Kenneth took a break from academic research and joined PPL Therapeutics (Edinburgh, UK), where he generated the world's first gene-targeted large animal. Kenneth's most recent appointment was as a Group Leader at the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares in Spain, where he spent over 10 years investigating molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress. Kenneth has a diverse background and skill-set, including expertise in animal knock-out models and stem cells. He has authored many high quality research papers in distinct research fields, including microbiology, molecular metabolism and cancer research. He has been been working as a freelance scientific editor for 2 years. Qualifications PhD 1992. Chitinolytic activity of an Estuarine Bacterium, University of Aberdeen, UK. BSc 1989. Biology. Paisley College of Technology (upper second) Reviewer: Ad hoc reviewer for JBC, Cardiovascular Research, Stem Cells, Cell Death and Differentiation, among others. Current Activity Freelance scientific editor, based in Madrid, Spain (2 years).