Cancer Research

Dr. Karen Pulford

Main Areas of Expertise Haematological malignancies; Biomarkers; Cancer biology; Tumour immunology and microenvironment; Immunotherapy; Monoclonal antibody technology Secondary Areas of Expertise Solid tumours; Diagnostic/prognostic techniques; Chemotherapy Biography Dr Karen Pulford worked at the University of Oxford over a period of 29 years during which time she directed research, becoming the Reader in Immunodiagnostics in 2008. Her initial area of research was in the field of monoclonal antibody technology and their use for the diagnosis of haematological malignancies. Oxford was a pioneer in this respect and many of her antibodies are currently used worldwide for routine clinical diagnosis. Her research then led into the field of human tumour immunology and the investigation of targets for cancer therapy. She has publishing widely and also lectured at a multitude of international meetings. Her freelance medical writing and editing career began in 2010. She continues to contribute to research papers and is currently writing two book chapters in addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of Biomarker Insights and on the editorial boards of other journals. She retains honorary membership of the Nuffield Division of Clinical Laboratory Sciences at Oxford University. Qualifications PhD Biological and functional characteristics of cultured Kupffer cells, University of London BSc Physiology (Hons), University of London Reviewer: Manuscripts submitted to 36 scientific and medical journals (including Nature) in addition to applications for research funding and Ethics approval. Current Activity Editor in Chief of Biomarker Insights (Libertas Academica), freelance medical writer and academic editor and an editorial board member of various journals.