Dr. Lindsay Bremner

Main Areas of Expertise Neuroscience (Systems, Computational, Cellular, Cognitive); Psychophysics; Psychology Secondary Areas of Expertise Pharmaceutical Sciences; Molecular Biology; Medical Reports; Biochemistry; Geography; Forensic Science Qualifications PhD, Neuroscience (The development of inhibition in the neonatal dorsal horn), University College London, UK BA (Hons), First Class in Psychology, Physiology and Philosophy, Oxford University, UK Postdoctoral Research California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA Reviewer PLOS Computational Biology, Cerebral Cortex, Science, J. Neurophysiology Biography Dr Lindsay Bremner has over 10 years' experience in scientific editing. She began editing professionally for an independent publishing house in 2000, working on manuscripts from both native and non-native English speakers in the fields of experimental psychology and quantitative geography. She subsequently focused on her own neuroscience research during her graduate and postdoctoral studies, but continued to use her editing skills to help friends and colleagues improve the language in their grants, papers, and presentations. She has experienced the process of academic writing and reviewing from many angles: publishing her own research in international journals, taking part in the peer review process both as a reviewer and as an author, and writing grants for government and foundation support. The satisfaction she finds in good communication of science led her to return to full-time editing in 2014. Current Activity Scientific editor Lecturer in Biology and Biological Engineering (part-time) at the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA