Cancer Research

Dr. Stephen Cooke

Dr. Stephen Cooke received his undergraduate degree in Biological Chemistry from The City University, London in 1991 and his PhD in Immunology from King’s College, London in 1995. His PhD focused the immunobiology of xenograft rejection, a complex subject requiring an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the innate and adaptive immune systems. His first post-doctoral position was a research fellowship at the world-renowned Kennedy Institute of Rheumatology in London, where his work involved investigating the role of endogenous retroviruses and chemokine receptors in rheumatic disease. During his three years at the Kennedy Institute he developed a detailed knowledge of rheumatology, the pathogenesis of rheumatic disease and virology. In 1997, Dr. Cooke moved to take up a Cancer Research UK-funded post-doctoral fellowship at University College, London Medical School (now the UCL Cancer Institute), where his work involved the design, expression, and purification of antibody-based fusion proteins targeted to specific epitopes or angiogenic factors expressed by cancer cells. During his time at UCL Dr. Cooke gained considerable technical expertise in PCR and RT-PCR, DNA isolation, purification, sequencing and cloning, HPLC, radiolabelling techniques, kinetic analysis of antibody-antigen interactions, and the use of phage display technology. He also developed an in-depth knowledge of cancer biology/oncology, molecular biology and microbiology. A significant proportion of his time was devoted to teaching – giving lectures/seminars/tutorials to medical students at UCL-and to the supervision of laboratory-based student projects. He has authored numerous papers in the field of cancer biology and has acted as a reviewer of scientific articles for several European cancer journals. He is also a qualified physiotherapist with an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. Dr. Cooke is currently an in-house scientific editor at Bioedit Ltd and has edited around 1000 manuscripts for researchers and physicians whose native language is not English. Areas of expertise: Immunology, cancer biology/oncology, microbiology and pathogens, virology, molecular biology.