Dr. Joanna Mackie

Main Areas of Expertise Microbiology; Mycology; Genetics; Molecular Biology; Proteomics; Biochemistry Secondary Areas of Expertise Enzymology; Archaea; Fungal Infectious Diseases Biography During her MSc and PhD studies, Dr Mackie explored the role of multidrug efflux systems in bacterial chloramphenicol resistance. She also investigated human gut microflora, as part of a pre-doctoral Marie-Curie Fellowship at the Rowett Institute (Aberdeen, UK). Dr Mackie then sought to expand her knowledge of protein biochemistry and she pursued her first postdoctoral placement in an enzymology lab at Dalhousie University (Canada). There she studied cofactor independent bacterial amino acid racemases. She was intrigued by the multivariate factors, which shape the microbe-environment interactions, and she moved to Umea University (Sweden) to define metal resistance mechanisms of acidophilic archaea. She then spent five years as an experienced postdoctoral researcher at the Aberdeen Fungal Group (University of Aberdeen, UK), applying her expertise in dissecting the input of micronutrients in systemic candidiasis. She developed methods for gene expression profiling directly from infected tissues and mass spectrometry tissue imaging. Dr Mackie possesses a wealth of practical research experience, broad scientific awareness, and a curious scientific mind. Qualifications PhD Biological Sciences, University of Gdansk, Poland MSc Biotechnology, University of Gdansk, Poland Reviewer Acta Polonica Biochimica, Biochemistry, Biochemistry and Cell Biology, FEMS Yeast Research, Journal of Applied Genetics, Medical Mycology, Microbiology Proteomics, Research in Microbiology Current Activity Freelance scientific editor