Cancer Research

Dr. Julia Burnier

After completing a Bachelor of Science Honours degree at Queen’s University, Dr. Burnier pursued a PhD in cell biology from McGill University where her thesis was given distinction. The focus of her PhD was the metastatic potential of cancer cells and the molecular mechanisms underlying invasion and angiogenesis. Julia went on to become a post-doctoral researcher in clinical research at McGill, where she studied the role of inhibitors of growth on a metastasis model. She then pursued her 2nd postdoctoral fellowship in biomedical research, this time investigating signaling changes in cancer. In her academic career, Dr. Burnier has supervised several students and presented her work at numerous international conferences. She has also been involved in many side projects in the aim of diversifying her portfolio in such areas as microbiology, proteomics, stem cell science, and bioinformatics. Julia has published 12 original articles as well as a book and several reviews. She is also a regular reviewer for many prestigious journals and is familiar with journal guidelines, scope, and scientific presentation of data. Dr. Burnier has worked as a freelance science editor for 2 years and has edited more than 100 manuscripts for scientists, physicians, and industry. She has found working as an editor very rewarding as it gives her the opportunity to help others express their ideas more clearly. Areas of expertise: cell biology, signal transduction, cancer biology, medical reports, stem cell research, ophthalmology