Cancer Research

Dr. Lindsey Goff

Main Areas of Expertise Haematological malignancies; B- and T-cell immunology; Tumour microenvironment Secondary Areas of Expertise Solid cancers Biography Dr Lindsey Goff was with Cancer Research UK for 25 years doing basic immunology and cancer research, in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Ultimately, she specialised in haematological oncology, in particular follicular lymphoma, and focused on the molecular detection of minimal disease levels and on the immune microenvironment of disease. Working at St Bartholomew's Hospital London, she could access a large archive of samples from patients with complete medical histories, which allowed correlation of clinical outcome with molecular and histopathological features. Alongside her career at the bench, during which she published over 30 scientific reports, Lindsey has taken courses in journalism and proofreading. As well as being experienced in writing and editing manuscripts, she has also edited immunology textbooks and written scientific articles for web and printed publication. Qualifications PhD Gained while working in the Imperial Cancer Research Fund's (to become CRUK) Human Tumour Immunology Group, Middlesex Hospital, London, UK MSc Immunology, Univ. of London, UK BSc Physiology, Univ. of London, UK Reviewer: British Journal of Haematology, and also various cancer research journals Current Activity Editor-in-Chief of Biomedical Picture of the Day (, a free, educational resource managed by the UK Medical Research Council's Clinical Sciences Centre that publishes an image from biomedical research, accompanied by a brief lay summary, every day. Freelance editor