Animal Science & Behavior

Dr. Nancy Jennings

Main Areas of Expertise Ecology; Conservation science; Bioacoustics; Agricultural ecology Secondary Areas of Expertise Behavioural ecology; Marine biology; Food webs; Population dynamics; Whole-organism biology; Mammalian biology; Echolocation Taxa in which she has specialist knowledge: mammals, bats, hares and other lagomorphs, cetaceans, pinnipeds and shrews Biography Since obtaining her PhD from the University of Bristol, Dr Nancy Jennings worked as a commissioning editor in Science and Medicine for Imperial College Press, and then for 11 years as a post-doctoral research associate. She has published over 50 papers, mostly in peer reviewed journals, on topics spanning ecology, anatomy, conservation science, behavioural ecology, mammalian biology, bioacoustics, marine biology, agricultural ecology, and population dynamics. She has raised ca. £400K in funding for scientific research and community projects, and so has extensive experience of editing and writing grant proposals. Nancy now works freelance as a scientific editor and as Managing Editor of the Mammal Society's international journal, Mammal Review. She has edited every paper accepted by the journal since 2008. She also teaches scientific writing to undergraduates and postgraduates in the University of Bristol's School of Biological Sciences. Her undergraduate teaching forms part of the award-winning second year unit Science and Success. She has also worked on citizen science projects and in unit and programme development and approval for higher education. Qualifications PhD Biological Sciences, University of Bristol, UK BSc Biological Sciences, University of Durham, UK Reviewer Journal of Applied Ecology, Mammal Review, Journal of Zoology, among others Managing Editor of Mammal Review Commissioning Editor in Science and Medicine for Imperial College Press Current Activity Freelance editor and provider of support services to biologists since 2007 Teacher of scientific writing to under- and post-graduates at the University of Bristol