Genomic & Computational Biology

Dr. Claudia Copeland

Main Areas of Expertise Virology; Molecular Biology; Molecular Entomology & Parasitology; Computational Genetics; Biochemistry Secondary Areas of Expertise Retrovirology and tropical virology Biography Dr. Claudia Copeland holds a PhD in molecular and cellular biology, specialising in parasitology and tropical medicine (Tulane University), and has completed postdoctoral fellowships in molecular entomology (United States Dept. of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service) and computational genomics (University of Leipzig, Germany). Her research, which ranged from bench molecular biology and computer-based genetic studies to gathering fruit fly-infested guavas in Mexican cloud forest, includes molecular parasitology, retrotransposons/retroviruses, tropical medicine, parasite genetics, molecular evolution, molecular entomology, sex-ratio determination/parthenogenesis, noncoding RNA, and computational genomics. Dr Copeland has 5 years of professional scientific English editing experience (academic manuscripts, copy editing for journals, editing and content review for popular science websites and market research reports). Qualifications PhD Molecular and Cellular Biology, Tulane University Reviewer Molecular Biology and Evolution, PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases, Bulletin of Entomological Research, Proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Fruit Flies of Economic Significance, and Journal of Virology Current Activity Full-time scientific editor