Cell Biology

Dr. Rob Rigor

Main Areas of Expertise Protein kinases/phosphorylation; Cell signalling; Microvascular physiology; Blood-brain barrier; Endothelial cell biology; Protein biochemistry; Cell physiology; Membrane transport; Cell volume regulation Secondary Areas of Expertise Cell signalling; Vertebrate physiology; Cardiovascular physiology; Inflammation; Membrane biology; Cell biology; Membrane biology; Neurobiology; Molecular biology; Fluorescence imaging; Analytic chemistry; Enzyme kinetics Biography Dr Rob Rigor has published several peer-reviewed articles and a textbook on the role of protein kinases in control of microvascular barriers. His postdoctoral training at the NIH and at UC Davis focused on the effects of inflammatory agents on endothelial cell-cell junction integrity and P-glycoprotein drug transport activity at the blood-brain barrier. As a graduate student, he investigated molecular mechanisms underlying cell volume regulation responses to acute osmotic disturbances, including studies of cellular ion transport, membrane protein phosphorylation, and the protein structural basis for inhibitor interactions. His experience also includes investigations of heart, lung, and blood cell physiology. Currently, Dr. Rigor studies intracellular dynamics of protein kinases using fluorescence-based activity sensors together with traditional biochemistry approaches, both aimed at understanding signalling specificity of individual protein kinase isoforms conferred by subcellular location and protein-protein interactions. Qualifications PhD Cell and Developmental Biology, University of California Davis (2007) BSc Biological Sciences, University of California Davis (1995) Reviewer for the American Journal of Physiology; PLoS ONE; Journal of Neurotrauma; Microcirculation Current Activity Assistant Project Scientist at the University of California Davis, School of Medicine