Why Bioedit?

If Your Research isn't Published, it Never Took Place

The number of manuscripts being rejected by journals for poor English is increasing significantly. With the advent of Open Access, journal editors have less time and fewer resources to handle papers submitted by non-native English speakers that require language assistance. By using our English editing, proofreading and writing services, life science authors speaking English as a second language (ESL) can minimise the risk of rejection owing to language difficulties.

Experience is Key

Established in 2001, Bioedit provide non-native English-speaking authors and science publishers with the highest quality of subject-specific science editing, proofreading and writing in the fields of bioscience and medical research. Every year, we work on thousands of manuscripts, theses, and grant applications (among other documents) for universities, research hospitals, and independent scientists in over 50 countries. We believe that excellence should come as standard, and that is why Bioedit are respected in academic circles worldwide.

Understanding Your Needs

During our extensive time working with you as a researcher, we have gained understanding of your needs. Thanks to your feedback, we now offer a wide range of services to assist you with every aspect of publishing your work. Whether by recommending a journal for your paper, writing your responses to the reviewers, offering a critical review of your work, or providing illustration services, Bioedit will support you where you need help most, thus ensuring that valuable research need never go unpublished again.

The Personal Touch

Successful editing, proofreading and writing depend on co-operative dialogue between editors and authors, and hence we work closely with our authors throughout the publication process. Every manuscript is individually managed by our staff in our UK office, which enables us to develop a personal relationship with you and an in-depth understanding of your research. This ensures that the scientific impact of your work is enhanced without altering its integrity, and with our assistance, you can go onto even greater successes in your scientific career.

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